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For Identity Management analytics or any data comparison tasks

XID is a Business Intelligence Data Analytics Solution that performs data integration simulation to quantify data readiness challenges at any stage of a project or to analyse integrated data as an audit function.

Out of the box XID provides the following:

We are targeting the product to be an essential part of the Identity Management professional and Data Analyst software toolkit so that early data issue resolution can begin right at the outset of a project.

Identity and Access Management:

Our solution is more collaborative than competitive to SailPoint/Oracle/Quest/CyberArk etc and was driven for the need to ensure data readiness was not an issue when the main IDM solution (SailPoint, Quest, NetIQ, Oracle, CyberArk, Microsoft etc.) goes live.

At the discovery phase of a project, XID can be active performing analytics on core data in scope for the IDM solution without the need to take data offsite or install hardware/extra software/databases etc.

XID can run from a PC local hard drive, network share or USB drive without the need to install any supporting software. The benefit of this is that the clients PC can be used without admin rights or modification.

Over time Identity Management data quality can be compromised which in turn can impact the security integrity of the Identity Management solution. XID can be used to periodically audit the data reporting data anomalies and providing business intelligence to regain security integrity.

Being able to analyse data deltas on a regular basis has the benefit of locating where the problems are being injected into the system. These issues can be corrected preventing repeated impact to the data that works against the automated systems being introduced.

If in the future new systems are to be integrated to the Identity Management system then XID can prepare this system for integration by checking data readiness of the system from a holistic perspective of the existing data estate.

XID is designed to analyze data at a fixed point in time. This is achieved by gathering extracts of data in LDIF, CSV or XML formats and creating a model on the production system. As data issues (once located) cannot be rectified in real time, there is limited benefit from reading or extracting the data in real time.

A reasonably current extract is sufficient when applying the concept of data issue resolution rendering which is analysis, identify issues, rectify issues then repeat the process until the data state is at an acceptable point of integrity. For this type of analysis and data issue resolution regime if is beneficial for XID to remain abstracted from production systems.

XID Identity and Access Management Benefits Summary:

Data Migration:

For clients performing data migration, XID can analyse the data before and after migration comparing the resultant migrated data to a known baseline.

Other Data comparison tasks:

XID can compare any data such as spreadsheet tabular or database data exported as CSV files for example; data from multi spreadsheets can be compared using XID and any data differences saved to a report.

XID market fit:

XID fits in any market where there is a need to have data analysed for one or many systems whereby business rules can be injected into the analysis process for information arbitration.

The value of XID to the customer is that it can predict success or failure of integrating data from an Identity Management perspective. Poor data quality can be an obstacle to completing a project on time or at all if issues arise from anomalies with this data.

Rapid repeatable data analysis expedites this process and alleviates the need to employ multiple analysts to perform analysis from the ground up with discrete electronic tools.

Project data readiness analysis can begin right at the outset, identifying data anomalies even before installation of the big vendor IDM/IAM solution. While many solutions have their own data analytics tools, often these tools cannot be utilised until the main product is installed which can take time. This time can be put to good use with XID, getting data ready so that the main IDM/IAM solution can get on with the task of managing Identities once installed and not rectifying data issues.

XID is enabler product for Identity Management projects. The product looks holistically at data in different systems and correlates merge points for data items common between systems.

XID target market:

XID can be used by any Identity Management Professional or Data Analyst either as part of a consultancy or positioned within an organization who is an Identity solution end user.

Results are obtained without any coding which allows any professional with good data knowledge to get up to speed.

XID is also a good fit for companies that have not yet implemented a big IAM solution but currently manage 'Identity Access Management' as a manual process.

The Software and download:

XID is Windows software and differs from other products in that the software can run from a network share, local hard drive or flash/USB drive. The software does not require any special hardware or support software to be installed which can be problematic in environments where computers are locked down.

Data anomalies are highlighted in a graphical summary report. A detailed report is generated but encrypted. A licensed user can request a unique unlock key per report from Exact Identity which will decrypt the detailed report so that the report business intelligence can be realised.

A data rectification script is produced that can electronically rectify data found to breach the defined business rules defined by the user in XID.

If XID can be useful for your data readiness requirements then you are welcome to download XID demo* for an evaluation.

Please email to enquire how we may be able to help with your data readiness needs.

XID Screen Shots

XID Run Report - Project 1.


XID Summary Report.


XID Detailed Report.


XID Match Orphans.


XID Log.


XID Fix File for Project 1 LDAP Entity 1.


XID Run Report - Project 2.


XID Summary Report - Self.


*The XID demonstration version has the following limitations:

More information is available at the Exact Identity website:


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